Beaver Control in Milan, TN

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Regarded as nature’s engineers, beavers commonly modify the lakes and rivers they inhabit to create an ideal home for them. However, the construction of beaver dams can have detrimental effects on properties in Milan.

Beavers constantly gnaw at trees for food, to build dams and just to grind their teeth. Beavers will make every tree in your yard go timber and then use them to build a dam in the nearest source of water. Beaver dams, particularly those built on rivers, can cause extreme flooding that can wash away home gardens and farmer’s crops, cause extensive water damage in ground-level properties and block roads.

You should have beavers removed from your land in Milan before their dam costs you a fortune in water damage but you probably won’t have much luck on your own. Bring in an experienced beaver control service for the best results.

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Reliable Beaver Control in West Tennessee

If beavers have been felling trees on your property in Milan, Wildlife Prevention & Repair will remove them as quickly as possible. To begin with, we’ll conduct an inspection of your property to locate the beaver dam and determine if we’re dealing with a lone beaver or a whole family. Our technicians will place traps around the beavers’ territory to catch every last one so that we can remove them to a wetland that’s far from human development.

To exclude beavers from your yard and prevent them from destroying your trees, our crew can install metal cages around the trunks of your trees that will stave off even the most persistent of these aquatic pests.

Wildlife Prevention & Repair Makes Beavers Build Dams Elsewhere

If beavers start cutting down your trees to dam up your creek, don’t just sit and watch. Give Wildlife Prevention & Repair a call today for dependable beaver control services in the Milan area!

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