Snakes. Just the word invokes a shiver in most. Ophiophobia, or the fear of snakes, is at the top of primal fears. Most species in Tennessee are harmless, but if you can’t positively identify it, assume that it is dangerous and stay away from it. Of the thirty-two species of native snakes, four are venomous – Copperheads, Pygmy and Timber Rattlesnakes, and Cottonmouths. A case of mistaken identity can have deadly consequences.
They are critical to the ecosystem in Tennessee and help keep rodent populations under control. That being said, no one wants to find one in their home or business, or on their property. While they are commonly found in grassy or wooded areas, urbanized neighborhoods and suburbs are being frequented with a more significant occurrence. They like to hide in cool and shady areas of the home like the attic or basement, and outside spaces such as under a porch, shed, or woodpiles. Once they have settled in, breeding begins, and the problem escalates.
There are also many myths about them. There are outrageous tales of beheaded creatures whose bodies regenerate, or that they always travel in pairs. Believing that a rattlesnake will always rattle before striking can have deadly repercussions. One of the most common myths is that they are aggressive and will attempt to bite you immediately upon being discovered. In reality, most species are not aggressive, and bites occur because the animal is acting in self-defense. Should you be surprised by one, it is essential that you do not handle it. Under current Tennessee law, it is not legal to capture or kill a snake within state boundaries. This is an important reason to hire a professional service.
We specialize in prevention techniques to keep the issue from returning. One strategy we use is habitat modification. By altering the landscape, we remove the enticement to the area. Some of the changes are:

At Wildlife Prevention & Repair, we are the top-rated snake removal company in the Clarksburg, Tennessee area. Our knowledge of the local wildlife sets us apart from the rest. The humane removal tactics we use will give you peace of mind knowing the well-being of the animals is taken into consideration. After you give us a call, we will arrive at your location as soon as possible, and responsibly remove the snake from your property. Then we will inspect your home for signs of entry points and further infestations. A plan for exclusionary work and remediations will be presented, and traps will be strategically placed. Our technicians will return to check the traps periodically until we are sure the job is complete. Call Wildlife Prevention & Repair to take care of the issue for you. Should you be surprised by a slither in the night, we also offer 24-hour emergency service. We offer snake removal services in Humboldt, Milan, Union City, and in other surrounding areas.

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