Wildlife Prevention

When it comes to keeping unwanted wildlife away from your home, family, and pets, an ounce of prevention is worth pound upon pound of cure. Removal of living and dead wildlife from the interior of your home and all-around your property is usually costly and time-consuming. It often leaves behind odors and structural damage that can be difficult to repair. Effective wildlife exclusion methods can prevent these types of damage before they occur. Wildlife Prevention & Repair is your go-to team of experienced professionals for state-of-the-art wildlife exclusion and preventative strategies across the Jackson and Madison County area and all of West Tennessee.

Exclusionary Structural Materials

If your home or business has older crawlspace vents or vent covers that are broken or always open, you should consider automatic temperature-controlled vents for better ventilation and wildlife exclusion. Modern vents will keep rodents and snakes out of your crawl space whether the vent is open or closed to airflow. Based on temperature readings, vents will open and close automatically to match environmental conditions.
Your gutters should be inspected and regularly cleaned to keep mice, squirrels, and other rodents out of your attic space and the interior of your home. Professionally selected and installed gutter guards will also keep your gutters clean while preventing entry by unwanted animals. Gutters keep rainwater away from the wood and foundational structures of your home as well as the surrounding soil. Waterlogged siding and attics are much more appetizing for rodents to dig and chew through to gain access to the inside of your home.
Many rodents need a hole only one-half inch wide to get inside your home. Wildlife Prevention & Repair will make a thorough inspection of your buildings to find and repair any holes or cracks that are used by rodents and snakes to gnaw or crawl inside. We will provide the proper sealing material to permanently close access points and to prevent future digging and gnawing.

Outdoor Exclusionary Maintenance and Barrier Design

Burrowing animals require additional materials to ensure exclusion. Where needed, underground fencing provides an invisible and effective barrier below ground that will stop tunneling and digging around and underneath your building’s foundation.
Wildlife Prevention & Repair will identify and trim away trees and other vegetation that provides easy access for wildlife to your home. We will identify the vegetation that needs to be trimmed or removed to protect not only your home and outdoor buildings but also your yard, play areas, patios, pools, and anywhere your family enjoys outdoor living.

Depending on your property’s landscaping and general soil conditions, a snake fence protection barrier can add a valuable layer of protection around your outdoor space and your home’s foundation. When professionally installed, snake fencing will keep nuisance snakes off your property. Our fencing systems have been tested for effectiveness against venomous species such as Cottonmouths (Water Moccasins), Rattlesnakes, and Copperheads.

Rely on Wildlife Prevention & Repair for a fast and accurate assessment of the types of wildlife species that are present or are likely to enter your property and home. We will provide a detailed and specific exclusion plan designed to keep unwanted wildlife outside of your home or commercial structures. We place customer service at the pinnacle of the value we provide and will follow up with you as needed for your wildlife control needs. Contact us today for further information and an inspection of your property.

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