Tennessee is known for having quite an abundant amount of wildlife. The sprawling countryside and even busy cities are home to unique birds, mammals, reptiles, and so much more. While these make Tennessee the great state it is, they can also be a problem if some of them are too close to home. These include foxes, who are generally smaller than most people think and stealthily search for food in the dark of night.
Tennessee is home to both Gray and Red Foxes. Red Foxes resemble dogs and have elongated muzzles and long, bushy tails. While red is the most common color, this fox can also be black, gray, and rarely white (albino). The tell-tale sign of the species is the “black boots” as the Red Fox has black legs. Gray Foxes have more cat-like features and have a black stripe running down its back. Oddly enough, they can also be brown or red.
Gray Foxes typically look for more secluded, wooded areas, and Red Foxes typically use forests and grassy areas. The reds are more prominent near cities than grays. Foxes are generally shy but can wreak havoc on your home and property if they set up their homes near yours. They will eat anything and rummaging through your garbage is a spot for an easy meal. They will also prey on livestock and small pets and can also carry diseases like rabies as well as fleas and ticks. It is important to resist feeding foxes near your home, as they may become comfortable around humans and begin approaching them more frequently. That said, if foxes are visiting your property, they need to be safely removed.
Do not attempt to rid your property of foxes by yourself, especially if a mother fox has made a home under your deck with her pups. She will protect them aggressively. The Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage Handbook say that trapping foxes is a challenging task that should be done by a professional due to the complexities of choosing the proper trap for the specific situation, setting the trap in the exact perfect spot and angle, and spreading the correct scent to attract the foxes.
Here at Wildlife Prevention & Repair, we have the proper equipment and are trained in the techniques required to remove foxes humanely from your property. Afterward, we will assess your property to determine if any repairs or exclusion work needs to be made to keep the foxes from returning. Based on our findings, we may make suggestions about lighting, fencing, and special repellents. We are well-versed in Tennessee’s rules and regulations regarding the legalities of removing foxes, so you can trust that we are doing it right.

As a small family-owned business, we have the opportunity to treat our clients as our family. We strive to provide the best service possible to keep your family safe and your property secure. We are licensed and insured and will do our best to help you with your issue and prevent you from having another one.

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