There are 38 different species of mice, but the good news is, not all those species live in Tennessee. The most common mouse species in Tennessee is the House Mouse. These well-known rodents can grow up to 8 inches in length and are usually grayish brown in color. They typically eat an omnivorous diet, like insects, grains, and seeds, but will also seek out and eat human food. They breed all year long so that a single pair can produce up to 182 babies annually . Theoretically, that pair can be responsible for over 130,000 offspring in a year.
An interesting fact about them is that they can squeeze their body through an opening only half an inch wide, which is why they are adept at getting into homes. They have been found to carry several potentially lethal diseases, including Hantavirus, Listeria, and Salmonellosis. This is spread by their droppings, urine, nesting materials, and even saliva.
They also love to chew on home materials like wires, insulation, and drywall. This can create an increased fire risk in the home as the wires’ outer coating gets stripped away, and even cause a power outage. Mice can be incredibly destructive if allowed to continue to live and breed in the house.


In the US, there are approximately five to seven thousand cases of rabies annually. Raccoons account for 35% of reported cases. Fortunately there has only been one documented case of rabies due to their bite, being fatal. In the late 1970’s, rabid raccoons were found in Virginia and West Virginia and soon spread to the adjoining states. An estimated fifty thousand cases of raccoon rabies were diagnosed. In 2003, Tennessee became the 20th state to have animals test positive. Household pets are even more susceptible and have a higher chance of direct contact.

What You Can Do About Rodents

First and foremost, prevention is key. Keeping mice and rats out of your home is far more comfortable than fixing a problem once it has had time to take hold. One of our specialties here at Wildlife Prevention & Repair is rodent proofing. We can install animal-proof screening and vent covers, identify and seal potential entry holes, and evaluate any other ways rodents may be able to enter the home. We also perform home inspections to assess the home overall for potential wildlife issues.

If there are rodents in the home already, we’re also the company to call. We perform animal removal, as well as help repair animal-related damage. Don’t let rodents ruin your home or your health, give us a call today. We offer rodent removal services in Humboldt, Milan, Union City, and other surrounding areas.

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