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Whatever your needs may be, we have the products and expertise to install a problem solving yet cosmetic product for your building structure.

Agrilaser® Autonomic

The Agrilaser® Autonomic is the fully automatic and autonomous system of our laser bird deterrent technology. After one time configuration, the Autonomic® repels birds and other animals 24/7 from an area of 12 square kilometers. The system is powered by batteries or city supply. The Autonomic® is configured through remote control with a maximum range of 2000 meters in almost a full circular rotation of 350°. Users can define up to 16 different areas in which birds are deterred using our patented technology. The system has a vertical range of 120°, which can be deployed on roofs, hillsides and other areas with differences in elevation. After the configuration of the areas, the Autonomic can be configured to repel the birds during the day or night.

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