Beaver Control in Union City, TN

Do you require beaver removal services in Union City?

Beavers and humans have something big in common: we both modify our environments to create an ideal habitat for our species. Beavers accomplish this by building dams in lakes and rivers, which can lead to disaster for homeowners in Union City.

Perhaps the single most destructive animal that can invade your yard, beavers will gnaw away at every one of your trees until they’ve fallen. Using these trees, beavers will construct a dam in the nearest pond or creek. If large enough, a beaver dam can cause floods that will obliterate crops and gardens, cover roads and cause extensive destruction to buildings.

It’s vital to rid your Union City property of beavers before they cause severe damage but you shouldn’t waste your time trying to do so alone. For safe and effective beaver removal, rely upon a licensed wildlife control company.

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If you’re concerned about the construction of a beaver dam around your Union City property, Wildlife Prevention & Repair will send in our crew to remove and exclude the pests. First, we’ll perform an inspection of your land to find the beaver dam and assess how much of a flood threat it might pose. Our experts will proceed to position traps near the dam in order to capture all of the beavers so that they can be removed and returned to nature, somewhere they can’t cause destruction to homes and businesses.

We’ll prevent other beavers from attacking the trees on your property by installing metal cages that beavers won’t be able to chew through around the trunks of all your large trees.

Wildlife Prevention & Repair Halts Construction on Beaver Dams

If allowed to grow large enough, a beaver dam can flood your land and cause irreparable damage. Contact Wildlife Prevention & Repair today for first class beaver control services in the Union City area!

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