Bird Control in Union City, TN

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Having a couple of birds land on the roof of your home or business in Union City is no problem, but a whole flock is cause for alarm. Many bird species, predominantly pigeons, congregate and nest on top of buildings and cover them in droppings, which are highly corrosive. Worse still, birds can spread many diseases, like toxoplasmosis, and parasites, including mites.

When birds nest, they’re exceptionally difficult to remove, so don’t waste your time trying. Instead, bring in a professional bird control company to deter the avian pests from your property in Union City.

Top-Tier Bird Control

If birds have started flocking on your home or business in Union City, Wildlife Prevention & Repair will conduct an inspection to determine what sort of bird is troubling you and where they’ve built nests. Our experts will place traps around your building to humanely capture and remove every single bird.

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Once the birds have been removed, our team will install avitrols, ultrasonic repellers and other specialized deterrents that will prevent birds from nesting on your house or workplace in Union City again. To avoid disease transmission, we’ll also clean up all bird droppings and thoroughly sanitize your building.

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If birds are allowed to flock on your house or business, every surface will soon be caked in their feces. Call up Wildlife Prevention & Repair today for the most trusted bird control services in the Union City area!

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