Coyote Control in Union City, TN

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While most predators stick to the wilderness and avoid people, coyotes have adapted to hunt and scavenge in urban areas. Coyotes commonly enter residential areas in Union City to hunt pets and scavenge from trash bins. While coyotes usually don’t pose a threat to humans, they may be aggressive when raising pups or if they become rabid.

Coyotes often build their dens beneath porches in Union City, greatly increasing the chance they will attack you or your pets. Rather than placing yourself at risk by trying to get rid of coyotes on your own, hire a licensed coyote control company to remove them from your property.

Expert Coyote Control

If you think coyotes have started living near your home in Union City, Wildlife Prevention & Repair will conduct an inspection to find any dens on your property and learn how many coyotes are in your neighborhood. Next, our experts will use traps to safely capture the coyotes so that they can be removed from your area.

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In order to keep coyotes from returning to your yard, our team will install exclusion barriers around your property in Union City. Additionally, if coyotes caused any damage to your house, we can repair it for you.

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Never let coyotes make themselves at home near your house. Contact Wildlife Prevention & Repair today for elite coyote control services in the Union City area!

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