Groundhog Control in Union City, TN

Are you seeking groundhog control services in Union City?

Your first sign of a groundhog living on your Union City property will be holes in your lawn that are about a foot in diameter, probably accompanied by teeth marks on your trees and destruction to your gardens. Groundhogs are big eaters that will make short work of vegetable gardens and ravage crops. While burrowing, they’ll also bite through wiring and irrigation, which can cause power outages and flooding.

Worst of all, groundhog burrows will hollow out your yard and may weaken the structural integrity of your home in Union City, which can lead to a collapse. Trying to get rid of groundhogs on your own can be very difficult, so leave it to your local groundhog control professionals.

Reliable Groundhog Control

If a groundhog has started burrowing through your lawn in Union City, Wildlife Prevention & Repair will inspect your property to figure out how far the burrow spans and if one or multiple groundhogs are active within. Our experts will then work quickly to trap every groundhog on your land so that they can be removed to the wilderness.

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Once groundhog removal is concluded, our crew will establish exclusion measures to prevent another groundhog from moving in. We’ll place buried metal fencing around the foundation of your house in Union City to discourage groundhogs from attempting to dig under it.

Wildlife Prevention & Repair Protects Your Property From Groundhogs

Left unchecked, a groundhog will dig under your land until your home collapses. Give Wildlife Prevention & Repair a call today for the most effective groundhog control services in the Union City area!

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