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Are you needing quality wildlife removal services completed at your home or business in the greater Jackson, TN area? If so, Wildlife Prevention & Repair can help.

Here at Wildlife PR, we provide high quality wildlife removal services for many animals including:

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The History Of Jackson

Long before the founding of the United States, prehistoric Native Americans resided in what is now Western Tennessee as early as 9,000 B.C. Later inhabitants include the historically relevant Choctaw and Chickasaw tribes. In 1818, the Chickasaw tribe signed a treaty securing the area for settlement, after which early farmer families began to move into the region.
As the area gained more settlers and development was purring along, it was proposed to name the city Alexandria after the land surveyor who was working in the area. When the Tennessee legislature rejected this proposal due to a naming conflict, it was decided to name the area Jackson in honor of Andrew Jackson, a hero of the recent War of 1812 — and our city was born.
Nearly half a century later, in 1858, the first major railroad in the country that included Jackson, was completed, and development took off as transportation of goods to the area was easier than ever before.

Attractions In Jackson

As the place where country and rock music were fused to create Rockabilly music, Jackson offers you an opportunity to explore the heart of the music highway in Tennessee. Check out the International Rockabilly Hall of Fame or the Legends of Tennessee Music Museum to quench your taste for music history.
To this day, several music stars claim Jackson as their home, including Sonny Boy Williamson, Big Maybell, Denise LaSalle, and Carl Perkins, to name a few. Check out Rusty’s T.V. and Movie Car Museum to see some of the most famous vehicles to ever appear on your television set if you’re into T.V. and movie history. If you prefer a nice cold beer or a distinguished glass of wine, then the Samuel T. Bryant Distillery and the Century Farm Winery is right up your alley.
No matter what you’re into, you’ll find something fun to do in Jackson.

Wildlife Control In The Volunteer State

While living in Tennessee offers you some of the best music, kindest people, and the southern hospitality that we’re known for, you might also face your fair share of critters along the way.
Here in Madison County, the most common forms of wildlife you might encounter include birds, raccoons, skunks, snakes, and more. Here at Wildlife Prevention & Repair, we have the experience and training to handle what ails you. We humanely trap and remove animals, prevent new ones from coming back, and even repair the damage the unwanted guests created.

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