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Moles are a problem for homeowners all over Humboldt. For such a small creature, they do massive damage. Moles are nonstop diggers with burrowing abilities that are practically unrivaled. They look like mice but they are not rodents. They are small, clever mammals related to gophers. Like the gopher, a mole’s front feet are designed for excavation. Just one mole can excavate hundreds of feet of tunnels in a single day, and there’s never just one!

When your lawn becomes unstable, your grass starts dying and the ground begins to collapse beneath your feet, moles are a prime suspect. When you begin to see other signs like ridges and numerous small, domed mounds of earth suddenly appearing, the evidence is even clearer. Trust us, it may truly be a molehill but it is also a proverbial mountain of trouble and a glaring sign that you need professional mole control.

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Expert Mole Control

Wildlife Prevention & Repair offers the most reliable mole control services in Humboldt. As your friendly local specialists, nobody is more familiar with this destructive pest, the problems they cause or the methods that work best to stop them. You can count on our specialists to swiftly end your mole problem and help you guard against mole damage in the future, too. We use humane, eco-friendly methods such as targeted baiting and trapping to remove a mole presence. We also have smart, effective deterrents to help keep them away. Remediation is available, too. No matter what your needs are, we are ready to serve you.

The Most Reliable Mole Control in Humboldt

If troublesome moles are making a holey mess of your lawn, don’t delay. Contact Wildlife Prevention & Repair today for the best mole control services in the Humboldt area!

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