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Moles are strange-looking creatures. You can’t see their eyes. They have a hairless, pig-like snout. Their fur is bizarrely thick, plush and velvety. And they have huge front feet that are disproportionate to their body size, with incredibly long, wicked claws.

Moles are a nightmare for homeowners in Union City, using those treacherous claws for nonstop digging. Moles will excavate elaborate tunnels under your grass, destroy vegetation, and will leave your ground vulnerable to collapse. If you’ve got moles, you’ve got serious trouble. It’s time to wake up and call in a mole control expert to stop them.

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When you need a reliable mole control pro in Union City, Wildlife Prevention & Repair is your best choice. We’re experienced, we’re local and we have the most effective tools in the industry to combat this aggravating pest. 

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Our skilled technicians will perform a thorough inspection, locate the mole and put together a comprehensive, customized plan to end your infestation. We pride ourselves on our humane methods and our reputation for great customer service, too. With top-notch services and deterrents in place, we’ll do what it takes to keep moles off your property. Remediation and exclusion services are among our specialties, too.

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Don’t stand by and let moles carve up your lawn. Call Wildlife Prevention & Repair today for the most effective mole control services in the Union City area!

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