Opossum Removal in Humboldt, TN

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Opossums are a common species of wildlife in Humboldt, and they can be quite the nuisance if they get into your attic or crawl space. Opossums will cause substantial damage to insulation and structures within your home in order to build nests for themselves.

Worse still, opossums will pollute your home with noxious droppings and urine that can spread diseases like leptospirosis and coccidiosis. Trying to remove an opossum from your home in Humboldt may result in a nasty bite, so leave the job in the hands of opossum control professionals.

Expert Opossum Removal

If opossums have invaded your house in Humboldt, Wildlife Prevention & Repair will inspect your property to learn how many opossums are inside, where they got in and where they’re nesting. Our experts will strategically position traps around your property to safely capture and remove all of the opossums.

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Once opossum removal is complete, our team will prevent the pests from returning to your home in Humboldt by placing exclusionary materials over entry points on the exterior of your house. We can also clean up messes left by the opossums and repair any damage they have caused to your attic or crawl space.

The Best Opossum Control in West Tennessee

When opossums decide to enter your home, they can stink up the place and cause major destruction. Contact Wildlife Prevention & Repair today for premium opossum removal services in the Humboldt area!

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