Opossum Removal in Milan, TN

Do you need opossum removal services in Milan?

It’s common to see opossums in yards in Milan, and sometimes they try to move into houses. Within your attic or crawl space, opossums will destroy insulation and other materials in order to create a cozy nest.

Aside from being destructive, opossums will litter your house in Milan with foul-smelling urine and feces that may transmit diseases such as leptospirosis and tularemia. Opossums may become aggressive if cornered so it’s best to let a licensed opossum removal company get rid of them for you.

Professional Opossum Removal

If you have an opossum infestation in your house in Milan, Wildlife Prevention & Repair will perform an inspection to determine the number of opossums, where they’ve nested and what their point of entry was. Our technicians will use baited traps to quickly and humanely catch all of the opossums in your home so that they can be removed to nature.

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After the opossums are all gone, our crew will prevent a future incursion into your house in Milan by applying exclusion barriers to vulnerable points on the outside of your home. We can also clean out all opossum waste and nests and restore damages the pests have inflicted upon your crawl space or attic.

West Tennessee’s Premier Opossum Control

If they invade your home, opossums will wreak havoc and may spread disease. Give Wildlife Prevention & Repair a call today for the most effective opossum removal services in the Milan area!

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