Opossum Removal in Union City, TN

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While they may not invade houses as commonly as squirrels or raccoons, opossums can still be a menace if they get inside your home in Union City. Opossums will tear apart insulation and other materials as they build a nest in your attic or crawl space to raise their young.

While living in your house in Union City, opossums will make a mess with their droppings and urine, which may lead to the spread of diseases such as coccidiosis and tularemia. It’s risky to try to remove opossums on your own but an experienced opossum control company will handle them in no time.

Reliable Opossum Removal

If you’ve found opossums inside your house in Union City, Wildlife Prevention & Repair will conduct an inspection to find out where the opossums entered, how many there are and where their nest is. Our specialists will place traps around your property to capture every opossum so that they can be safely returned to the wilderness.

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After the opossums have all been removed, our team will prevent them from coming back by using exclusion materials to cover entry points along the perimeter of your house in Union City. While we’re at it, we’ll dispose of waste left by the opossums and repair whatever damage they’ve dealt to your attic or crawl space.

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Having an opossum inhabit your house will lead to destruction and disease transmission. Call Wildlife Prevention & Repair today for the greatest opossum removal services in the Union City area!

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