Racoon Removal in Humboldt, TN

Do you need raccoons removed from your property in Humboldt?

While urban development has pushed many animals back into nature, raccoons have proliferated and thrived in human presence. Because of this, raccoons are not shy about approaching human settlements and using them for sustenance and shelter.

Raccoons are messy intruders who love to raid your garbage bins for scraps of food, strewing trash across your porch and yard in the process. While stealing out of the garbage is their signature, raccoons also commonly thieve pet food out of unattended bowls, and raid vegetable gardens and chicken coops.

As much of a nuisance as raccoons are outside of your Humboldt home, it’s much worse if they manage to get in. The moist darkness of attics provides raccoons with an ideal spot to make their dens. Don’t expect them to be courteous houseguests, either; raccoons in your attic will chew up wooden support, insulation, roofing, wiring and more to make themselves comfortable. They’ll also leave their foul-smelling feces all over the place.

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Raccoons are among the animals most likely to carry the rabies virus, which they can infect you and your pets with by biting. Though unprovoked raccoon attacks are highly irregular, they are feisty critters that will defend themselves violently if threatened. Rather than put yourself at risk of rabies, you should allow an expert raccoon removal service to evict them for you.

Tennessee’s Best Raccoon Removal

The Wildlife Prevention & Repair family will start off by visiting your Humboldt household to figure out if raccoons have infested your attic or are merely using your property to forage for food.

After our initial inspection, we will send our licensed and insured experts in to capture all of the raccoons using live traps and then release them far, far away from your neighborhood.

Next, it’s time to repair the damage left in their wake. Our professionals will fix up all of the havoc the racoons wreaked in your attic, cleaning out their droppings along with any chewed up installation and woodwork. To keep history from repeating itself, we’ll use tested exclusion methods to bar raccoons from invading your home again. Our team will also leave you with advice on how to discourage raccoons from ransacking your property going forward.

Wildlife Prevention & Repair Puts Raccoons in Their Place

Don’t let raccoons terrorize your home in the Humboldt area. Contact Wildlife Prevention & Repair today for best-in-class raccoon removal service that will force all your little trash thieves to scavenge somewhere else!

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