Raccoon Removal in Union City, TN

Are you in need of raccoon removal services in Union City?

Raccoons have adapted to human development better than almost any other animal in the United States. Unfortunately, this means that they are comfortable making themselves at home in close proximity to people, and relying on humans for food and shelter.

The first sign that you have a raccoon problem on your Union City property will usually be waking up in the morning to find that your trash bins have been raided, leaving garbage scattered all over your yard. In addition to thieving from waste bins, raccoons commonly steal pet food, ransack gardens and invade chicken coops for an easy meal.

Worse still, raccoons might like your house so much that they decide to move in. If raccoons make a den out of your attic, they will create a costly mess by chewing up insulation, drywall, support beams and wiring. They will also defecate all over the place, which will lead to a putrid smell permeating your home.

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Raccoons are also a common carrier of the rabies virus, which they can easily spread to you or your pets. While not aggressive, raccoons will bite and claw when threatened, which can spread the virus. Because of this potential danger, it’s best to let a professional handle racoon removal on your property.

Professional Raccoon Removal Services

The experts at Wildlife Prevention & Repair will come to your Union City residence to determine whether a raccoon has made itself at home in your attic, or is simply conducting night raids while living in a nearby forest or swamp.

Once our inspection is complete, our licensed and insured raccoon control specialists will set live traps to capture all of the raccoons that have been ravaging your property so that we can relocate them back into the wilderness, where they belong.

If raccoons have chewed up your attic, our team will repair the damage and clean up the fur and feces they have left behind. We will also take measures to ensure that raccoons never get back in by sealing off any large holes which they may have used to enter your attic. Our professionals will then consult with you on how to exclude raccoons from your home in the future.

Wildlife Prevention & Repair Shows Raccoons Who’s Boss

There’s no reason to let raccoons menace your house in the Union City area. Call Wildlife Prevention & Repair today for top-tier racoon control service that will liberate your home from the furry marauders for good!

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