Effective Squirrel Control Services 

If you are hearing noises in your home or business coming from the walls or attic, it’s possible you have a squirrel problem. If not taken care of quickly, the problem will continue until properly removed.

Hiring a professional is important, as you never know how the animal will react. Wildlife Prevention and Repair is a highly trained and experienced squirrel removal company that you can rely on. 

Experienced Removal Services

Squirrels can create damage to your home on the outside and inside, which is why it’s important to quickly take care of your squirrel problem. We will locate where the squirrels are entering your property, and properly remove them. Once removed, we will ensure where the squirrels were entering is no longer accessible.

We know it can be stressful to have a squirrel problem, which is why we offer a 24 hour emergency service to our clients. No matter when, we will be there to help you!

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