Wildlife Removal Services In Union City, TN

Wildlife issues are a common situation for many homes and businesses in the greater Union City area. Whether raccoons have gotten into your attic, rodents have made their way into your commercial property, or birds are taking over your roofline, the professionals at Wildlife Prevention & Repair are able to solve the problem.

No matter what kind of animal invasion you’re dealing with, our wildlife removal and control experts can help. Here are some of the creatures we work with in the Union City area:

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All About Union City

Nestled in the northwest corner of Tennessee is a special little town called Union City. The 10.7 square mile city was founded in 1867 and named for the local railroad junction where the east-west line meets the north-south line.

With a low cost of living and low median age, you can get some property for a reasonable price and enjoy all that Tennessee has to offer. The 2010 census reported over 10,000 citizens, and many people here work in the health care, manufacturing, and foodservice industries.

One of the best places in Union City is the Discovery Park of America . It is an encyclopedia museum containing historical information about the area and the very mission of the park calls for people to “see beyond.” From the Dinosaur Hall to a Trapper’s Cabin, there is something for everyone. One unique offering is the sculpture garden created by innovative artist John Toras, called Outdoor Art of John Toras, the Man of Stainless Steel. There are beautiful gardens outside as well, and they are a great place to explore in the Tennessee sunshine. Union City boasts many activities for families.

Over 250 acres of land are dedicated to recreation, with Graham Park being the park’s system’s highlight. In addition to softball, baseball, and soccer leagues, the city boasts a disc golf course. Disc golf is played with frisbees instead of balls, that are thrown at a target, usually a giant basket.

Our Extensive History

Union City is steeped in history. Built in 1927 and joining the National Registry of Historic Buildings in 1999, The Capitol Theatre has hosted live productions and movies throughout the years. Perhaps a little browsing or shopping at the Union City antique mall would be an excellent way for you to pass the time and have a hands-on experience of the city’s history.

One of the best parts of the city is the wildlife refuge. Created in 1941, Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge features the only natural lake in Tennessee, Reelfoot Lake. Grassy Islands Wildlife Drive is a great place to see Bald Eagles, owls, hawks, and other songbirds. One great activity at the Wildlife Refuge is canoeing.

There are three trails where you can see wildlife like beaver and muskrats, as well as cypress swamps. Many people also enjoy hiking, hunting, fishing, and learning about the environment. The city is surrounded by a natural beauty that you can enjoy.

Common Wildlife In The Area

Unfortunately, with the landscape here, you might find that the wildlife creeps a little too close for comfort. If a raccoon comes to live under your deck or a muskrat takes up residence in your shed, consider Union City’s #1 wildlife service to solve your problem.

From groundhogs to moles to opossum, and even coyotes, Wildlife Prevention and Repair can get rid of your unwanted guests. We also have a bird exclusion program.

As a family-owned and operated business that is fully licensed and bonded, we take great pride in our work and will undoubtedly be able to solve your animal troubles.

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For all of your wildlife removal needs in the greater Union City, TN area, contact the wildlife control and removal experts at Wildlife Prevention & Repair. You can be sure that you’ll receive a top-notch service and peace of mind as you won’t have to worry about pesky wildlife invasions again.

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